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Innovation for your induction heating task

As a globally active company, we develop, produce and sell highly efficient induction heating technology for a wide variety of industrial applications such as induction brazing or welding, induction hardening, annealing and tempering. We develop complete system solutions with select technologies. The centerpieces and key areas of expertise are our MFG (medium frequency generator), HFG (high frequency generator) and SDF® generators and inductors specially customized to the tasks at hand.

Customer- and application-oriented innovation drives us forward. Our focus is the perfect solution. Outstanding induction generator technology and comprehensive expertise in all facets of the inductor coil, combined with sound systems engineering, let us enhance proven applications and develop new ones.

With the development of the Simultaneous Dual Frequency (SDF®) technology, we made revolutionary progress in the field of production-oriented induction heating technologies. SDF® permits extraordinary productivity gains and substantial simplification of familiar process chains for numerous workpieces.


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